The Worlds End pub map – not quite done

So I got bored and decided to start putting together a map of all the pubs that were visited in the movie The Worlds End(you know that Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie thats great??). It’ll be using pictures taken by a friend of mine of every pub since he’s actually done…


Finished OLED/GPS example

Finished up the OLED/GPS setup, this uses a black rectangle to erase only portions of the screen where I want the text to be updated. It seems to minimize the flicker seen in the previous example. The video cuts because it takes 5-10 minutes for my GPS to start receiving…

GPS coordinates displayed on a.96" OLED using an Arduino Uno

Arduino GPS with OLED Display

An attempt at scaling down the GPS logger I made, this one is using a mini GPS receiver from Sparkfun with coordinates displayed on a 0.96″ OLED from Adafruit. It’s still a work in progress just squishing together code from the TinyGPS++ library and using the Adafruit GFX Library Right…

The quadcopter, frame complete, test fitting the receiver and flight controller

Quadcopter Update

Almost finished, took forever to get to this point after I discovered that when your only tools are a dremel and a screwdriver that it’s pretty hard to actually build anything that requires a bit of precision. So I went the quick way and got a frame from, only…

App inventor layout

Neopixel – Trying out app inventor with a bluetooth module

Yet another test with the neopixels since I’ve been bored. This one isn’t working yet but its an attempt at using an android app to program pixels on/off via a bluetooth module connected to an arduino Uno/neopixel combo. Right now I’m able to connect and send data to the arduino…

np - Copy

Neopixel – So I broke the thumbstick code – here’s something I couldn’t break

Thumbstick codes working again Just a short example of making a nice swirly light with the neopixel and using arrays to set brightness/color. Hopefully the video works, Roberto is watching in the background 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334//A slow moving demo of the neopixels #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> #define PIN 6 Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(16, PIN,…

3D Dynamic KML

Google Earth – Creating Dynamic 3D KML overlays on the Globe

Something I helped work on awhile ago creating dynamic charts on top of a Google Earth map. Worked pretty spiffily so I’ll be writing up some examples on how its done.

Fox 11 board

The final project from a digital design class – A ginormous guide to the Fox11-68HC11 trainer board

From years ago, one of my digital design courses required us to learn assembly using the old Fox11 boards and to write up a “User Guide” on programming and setup. Managed to get about 50 pages worth of info into it but this was the initial draft, spelling/grammar mistakes and…


Neopixel – Using a thumbstick to control direction

A random test using a thumbstick to control the theaterchase direction and color of a 16 LED Neopixel Components: 16 led neopixel from adafruit Arduino Uno Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick The hookup is simple, wire up Vin/GND for the neopixel and joystick, input to the neopixel is on pin 6…


Javascript API/GPS data logger test

An example of a KML I made using an Arduino hooked up to a data logger and a GPS module(MTK3339) from Adafruit. I turned it on when I went to/from work, the accuracy is pretty good for something that was still on a breadboard, in a box, and with no…